0011 - Basic programmes and qualifications

Nota de alcance

Basic programmes and qualifications are designed to provide participants with fundamental skills in reading, writing and arithmetic along with an elementary understanding of other subjects such as history, geography, natural science, social science, art and music, and in some cases religious instruction. These programmes and qualifications are normally offered at primary and lower secondary levels. Broad, non-specialised programmes at upper secondary level are also classified here even if there is some concentration on, for example, humanities, social science, natural science etc. Vocational programmes and qualifications are included here only by way of exception.

Programmes and qualifications with the following main subject content are classified here:

  • Basic programmes and qualifications
  • Broad, generic (non-specialised) programmes and qualifications
  • General programmes and qualifications with no specific subject emphasis
  • Programmes and qualifications at primary level


Basic programmes and qualifications at upper secondary level (in some countries at lower secondary level) with some emphasis on e.g. humanities, social sciences or natural sciences but still covering other fields of knowledge are included in this detailed field. In some countries such programmes or qualifications are offered on a modular basis and should also be classified here.


Programmes that are considered as general in the programme orientation sense (non-vocational) but have a clear emphasis on a detailed, narrow or broad field are excluded from this detailed field and included in one of the broad fields 01-10, depending on the subject covered.